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Stand Up by National Crane
Model Short Description
571E2 Capacity-18 T; Max Tip Height-121 ft
690E2 Capacity-20 T; Max Tip Height-121 ft
8100D Capacity-23 T; Max Tip Height-152 ft
9103A Capacity-26 T; Max Tip Height-155 ft with 44 ft jib
NBT30H110 Capacity-30 T; Max Tip Height-163'
400B Capacity-10 Tons; Max Tip Height-66'

Swing Seat by National Crane
Model Short Description
14127A Capacity-33 T; Max Tip Height-172'
NBT50-102 Capacity-50 T; Max Tip Height-179'
NBT50-128 Capacity-50 T; Max Tip Height-179 ft with jib
NBT55-102 Capacity-55 T; Max Tip Height-179'
NBT40-1 Capacity-40 T; Max Tip Height-190'
NBT36-1 Capacity-36 Tons; Max Tip Height-190’
NBT45-1 Capacity-45 Tons; Max Tip Height-206’
NTC55 Capacity-55 Tons; Max Tip Height-179’